Project Club

 Secretary             : C.Abiroop (EEE)
Joint Secretary    : M.Naveen Kumar (Mechanical)
 Faculty Advisor  :
        Mr. N. RajeshKumar (HOD/ECE Department)
        Mr. A. Dhanamurugan (HOD/MECH Department)
        Ms.N. Priyadharshini (AP/S&H Department)

Motivation talks for the students about General project development and how can they do it will be arranged every semester. Invite the various industries which correlate all departments and ask them to give a seminar about what are the project openings in their company related to a particular department. Guide the students to develop their technical as well as their practical skills by doing at least one project per semester in each department. If the project is valuable and if required, support will be provided financially. If the project is highly technically appreciable it will be suitably awarded by our college.